In a consult we will try to answer a question. This question we will discuss beforehand. This question can vary from improving an already known way to wrap, advice on a carrier or learning a way to carry with a wrap from step one. Per question I will determine how much time it will cost. My hourly rate is 40 euro. After each consult I can be reached for questions or advice around what we handled during the consult.

If the consult is about learning how to wrap your baby, we start with practising using my dolls. The have a lot of patience and are always happy and in the mood to be carried. Their weight is around 3 kilos and in the wrap or carrier they feel like baby’s. At the end of the consult we will try to also wrap the child in question, but during the practising period it is nice if there is somebody else how can keep it happy.

I’m working in and around Enschede. The consults can be in your home or in mine if that is a better fit. For Enschede, Hengelo, Oldenzaal, Losser and places within this region I do not charge travel expenses.

Below are some examples of consult questions and the prices. For booking a consult, see my contact page.

  • Live online consult
    An online consult in which we will practice together. Price is per 15 minutes, at the moment I expect these consults to take between the 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Customized-Consult

    A consult in which we try to adapt to current guidelines in a way that the consult is effective and safe for all parties included. Price is per 15 minutes.