About ikdraagjewel.nl

Hi! I’m Maaike and I am the mother of three boys and since the beginning of 2018 also active as babywearing consultant in Enschede.

Our oldest son was born in 2011 and when I was adjusting to motherhood, I also came into contact with the whole babywearing world. With him I started out with a carrier, but after a while I also started wearing him in wraps and understood more about the ergonomics of babywearing and the importance of it. When our second one was born we started to use the wraps far more than before. Our second one only wanted to sleep in the wraps, so he lived in them the first couple of months. With him I also started with the backcarries and other ways to use the wrap. The wraps gave him comfort and a feeling of safety. When I was pregnant with our third boy, I could not carry him anymore, but just sitting on my back, wrapped in the wrap could give him some peace and after just 10 minutes he would be okay again. Our third boy did not need the wraps that much, but he loved being carried in them. When I started as a consultant he had a big envy for my practice dolls, everytime I wanted to practice with them, he intervened and wanted my to wrap him instead.

After years of babywearing and being able to share my experiences with people around me, I really want to share it with more people. So that was my reason to start with the first course, Babywearing consultant 1.

I followed my course at the instituut voor hechting and I am a member of the “vereniging voor draagdoek consulenten“.